Welcome to Aroma Lotus Yoga. Aroma Lotus Yoga was designed to create a feeling of serenity and peace. Immediately upon entering the studio you feel as if you have entered an oasis. My home studio is painted in earth and sky tones to create an atmosphere that makes the yogi feel as if he/she is practicing outdoors. Yoga classes are taught in the Vinyasa style with a focus on proper body alignment. During the practice and meditation essential oils are diffused in the air and applied to enhance the experience.

A little background information:

The day I walked into my first yoga class. I felt like the universe had granted me a gift. Yoga ignited a passion for life within me, which I never knew was inside of me. Yoga provided me with the tools to handle the “Rollercoaster” of life and I decided I needed to dive deeper into the teachings of yoga. I completed the Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training with Sara Tomlinson and this made me realize that I had touched the tip of the iceberg. I completed the 220+ hour yoga teacher training with Sheryl and Neil Edsall and then went on to complete a certification in Restorative Yoga with Ellen Pfeffer. A few years passed and I was introduced to the world of therapeutic grade essential oils. I began to combine yoga and essential oils and soon after left my career as a scientist to share the gift of AromaYoga with others and thus the creation of Aroma Lotus Yoga.